An explosion on a tourist bus in Sinai on Sunday killed three people, including the Egyptian bus driver and two South Korean tourists. According to Reuters, another 24 people were wounded by the bomb after it detonated inside or near the bus, security officials said.

The bus was traveling from St. Catherine’s monastery in south Sinai into Israel, Egypt’s Interior Ministry claimed. This is the first such militant attack since the coup d’état against President Mohammed Morsi in July.

Italian president Giorgio Napolitano had summoned Matteo Renzi, the current mayor of Florence, to serve as the country’s prime minister amid an ailing economy. At the age of 39, Renzi would be Italy’s youngest-ever premier, the Associated Press reported. The Democratic Party leader would assume his new position after a no-confidence vote by the party on Friday that forced Prime Minister Enrico Letta to resign. Renzi would be tasked “to kick-start the economy, create jobs and prod Parliament to enact electoral reforms,” according to AP.

An ambush by Islamist militant group Boko Haram killed dozens of Christian civilians in the Christian village of Izhge. Local government officials told the Agence France-Presse that more than 60 people have been killed, and that there were no security forces in the town at the time of the attack. AFP reported that militants went door to door in the city to gun down people hiding in their houses. The city has been in a state of emergency since May 2013 to combat an Islamist rebellion that has been active since 2009.

South Africa
Rescuers on Sunday recovered 11 illegal miners who had been trapped under debris in an abandoned mine near Johannesburg. The South African Press Association reported that the miners had been trapped since Saturday, before a police patrol heard their screams. South African authorities told the AP that illegal miners, who were mining platinum or gold, were afraid to emerge from the debris for fear of being arrested. Authorities were unable to confirm the number of miners still stuck in the mine, but fellow miners estimate that about 200 people are still under the debris, AP reported.

Jihadists on Saturday killed four people, including two civilians and two policemen, in the Jendouba area of Tunisia, which houses Roman ruins. Armed men allegedly shot the victims in a car after setting up a roadblock in the area, according to AFP. Another two policemen were wounded in the shootout, AFP reported. Tunisian interior ministry later announced that five militants, three Tunisians and two Algerians, were responsible for the murder. The ministry is trying to track down the attackers, AFP reported.

Security forces are hunting down Leopoldo Lopez, the Venezuelan opposition leader deemed by President Nicolas Maduro to be responsible for the deaths of three people in an anti-government protest. Authorities have raided the Caracas residence of Lopez, who has been missing since a press conference on Wednesday, but they were unable to locate him there. The midnight raids resulted in student protests for the release of anti-government protesters. According to the AP, 23 protesters are now being treated for injuries.