Vehicle stolen from The Pit parking lot

On March 6, UNMPD dispatched an officer to the area around the A and R Lots to assist a detective in identifying a woman loitering around vehicles. According to the report, the responding officer identified the woman and determined through a National Crime Information Center check that she had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for her arrest.

The responding officer arrested the woman and transferred her to the Albuquerque Police Department’s Prisoner Transport Center where she was booked, according to the report.

Suspicious loiterer arrested on warrant

On March 8, a UNMPD officer responded to a report of an auto theft at The Pit. The victim said that he had parked his car in the lot, and when he returned later, it was gone, according to the report. The victim gave the officer the vehicle’s license plate number, which was entered into the NCIC database, according to the report, and an attempt-to-locate was put out through APD.

There were neither witnesses nor suspects, and there was no further action taken, according to the report.

Cell phone stolen from UNMH staffer

On March 9, police were dispatched to UNMH on a report of larceny. The victim told the responding officer that she was working at the patient check-in area of the hospital when her phone was stolen. According to the report, she called her phone, and a man answered and said that he had bought the phone. When the victim said that she wanted it back, the man told her that he would return it if she did not report it stolen and if she paid him back for what he paid for the phone, according to the report. She agreed, but the man did not return.

According to the report, the victim suspended her phone account but was unable to provide suspects, and there were no witnesses. No further information is available.

Anthropology office burglarized Sunday

On March 9, UNMPD dispatched officers to the Anthropology building following a series of burglary alarms. Officers found that two desks in the common area had been rifled through, and various items, including a printer and a plastic box were scattered across the desk and the floor, according to the report. An officer also saw that a bathroom window leading to the roof had been opened and the screen removed, according to the report. The officer reportedly checked the possible escape route but found no suspects.

According to the report, officers arrived late to the scene due to a problem in the alarm hardware, created by the Daylight Saving Time switch over. Officers photographed the damage but were unable to recover any prints.

UNMH nurse kicked by sedated patient

On March 10, a UNMPD officer responded to a report of a battery on a healthcare worker at UNMH. The victim, a nurse, was assisting another nurse with a patient when the patient lay back on the bed and kicked the nurse in the chest, according to the report. The victim allegedly hit the wall behind her. The patient was then restrained and sedated, and the victim told police that she thought the kick was due to the patient’s medical condition and that she did not wish to prosecute, according to the report.

According to the report, the officer took written statements from both the victim and the nurse who witnessed the incident, but the officer was unable to speak to the patient.