Theft at Zimmerman

Despite signs at Zimmerman Library warning students about the possibility of property thefts, numbers of such incidents in the area have been stable for the past year.

There were 18 cases of reported larceny at Zimmerman in 2013, according to a list of reports compiled by the UNM Police Department. Seven of the cases occurred during August through December with the other 11 were reported in January through July. There were 16 reported thefts last year and 13 in the fall of 2011. Pierse Griggs, a security guard at Zimmerman Library, said theft at the library is more of a seasonal occurrence, with most incidents happening at the beginning of the semester because of freshmen who are unaware of the possibility of theft.

Water and Energy in New Mexico

A University professor is hosting weekly talks about water and energy in New Mexico.

Caroline Scruggs, an assistant professor for the School of Architecture and Planning, said the lectures complement a class she teaches on the same subject. She said the lectures intend to bring in different perspectives about issues that the state faces regarding water and energy. While the lectures are part of her class, Scruggs said she opened the lectures to the public in order to garner more perspective, to help inform the community and to create discussion about controversial topics. She said about 10 to 30 people from the general public show up to each lecture.

“Part of the goal is to bring all the perspectives into the discussion,” she said.

Laura McCarthy, the director of conservation programs for The Nature Conservancy, will speak at this week’s lecture on Thursday at 5:15 p.m. in Pearl Hall, room P104. Lectures are held at the same time and place each week. They are free and open to the public.

Gary Johnson Talk

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson spoke Tuesday about the process of running for president as a third-party candidate. Johnson ran in the presidential election in 2012 as a candidate from the Libertarian Party. The former governor won almost 1.2 million votes during election, or about 1.2 percent of the total popular presidential vote, according to United Press International. Voters in 48 states were able to vote for Johnson to be the next president, as he was denied ballot positions in Michigan and Oklahoma, according to the article. The UNM event was held at the UNM Continuing Education building on Tuesday afternoon. The Oscher Lifelong Learning Institute hosted the event.

Women’s History Month

UNM’s Department of History will host events to celebrate this year’s Women’s History Month. The department is working with Women’s Studies and the Feminist Research Institute to celebrate Women’s History Month. Earlier this month, professors from the history department spoke about women’s roles in history. The department hosted a showing of the film titled “Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years, 1984-1992” in Dane Smith Hall on Wednesday. Jordan Biro will present a lecture about lesbian liberation in the 1970s through the 1980s at 12:30 p.m. in the Student Union Building, and there will be more presentations on women’s history on March 31 at noon in the History Department Common Room.