There were plenty of emotions at the New Mexico football team’s meeting on Tuesday.

Head coach Bob Davie called a meeting with his team to talk about the situation of running back Crusoe Gongbay, who turned himself in to UNMPD on Monday and faces two charges of sexual penetration and one count of kidnapping.

Gongbay posted bail and was released from jail early Tuesday morning.

Davie didn’t go over specifics of the meeting that the team had.

“(The players) understand the severity of this. They also understand that Crusoe has a done a lot of good things around here. He’s worked extremely hard,” Davie said. “A lot of emotions and that’s how I started it out. I said ‘I stand up here today with a lot of things and a lot of emotions myself.’ In some ways I feel responsible, in some ways I feel angry, and in some ways I feel mad. We understand the severity of it and so do the players.”

Wide receiver Dameon Gamblin tweeted several messages on his Twitter account @D1_DREADHEAD about Gongbay’s situation.

Gamblin tweeted that his “heart dropped” when he heard the news regarding Gongbay.

“Like I said last night… bad things can happen to good people. We gonna be there for my man Crusoe. He gone beat this!” Gamblin tweeted.

Davie said Gamblin’s reaction is a natural one for players.

“These are young guys who care about each other a lot. I can understand why Damien Gamblin did that,” Davie said. “I talked to them last night about how everything we say needs to be said in our meeting room together as a team. I can understand a team saying that. We’ll address it.”

Davie said he thought it would be inappropriate to comment on how Gongbay’s situation affects the football team going forward.

“There are some young people’s lives that could be potentially changed forever because of this,” he said. “I’m uncomfortable saying that it’s more than that.”