The next leader of the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico will be determined tonight as presidential hopefuls incumbent Isaac Romero, Colt Balok and Rachel Williams make one last push for their campaigns.

As the current president of ASUNM, Romero said he and his running mate Zeke Chavez are running on a campaign of experience, with a focus on creating a greater sense of community and pride on campus.

Romero said students should vote for him because he already has the experience as president and has already established relationships with administrators that will allow him to be one step ahead of other potential candidates.

“The biggest reason students should vote for me is the experience that I have gained,” Romero said. “Having built relationships with the administration, student governments at other schools and just students in general is a great benefit. So come next year, if I get the opportunity, I can just continue working.”

Romero said running for re-election gives him a slight advantage, but that it only goes so far.

“I would say that I am a realist, and things could go any which way,” Romero said. “I am in a very good position running for re-election, and that helps with everything. But in no way, shape or form do I think that it is a guarantee.”

Romero said his main focuses will be on making students feel a part of the greater Lobo community.

“That starts with answering the question, ‘How do we make our students feel like they are Lobos?’” Romero said. “It is our goal to make them want to be here, and not just going through the daily routine of going to class and just going back home after.”

With a year of Senate experience under his belt, Balok said he and his running mate Sen. Ayham Maadi have focused their campaign on addressing UNM’s parking issues, Wi-Fi accessibility and increasing support for the Athletics Department and intramural sports.

Balok said students should vote for him because his team is driven by doing what is right for students, regardless of popular opinion.

“Above all we are a group of driven, passionate individuals, who have the courage to stand up for what is right,” Balok said. “We will not be the seat warmers who vote with the crowd.”

Balok said that although he doesn’t really know what to expect on election day, his team has worked very hard, and they are ready to be the next leaders of ASUNM if elected.

“I have no idea what the results will be Wednesday night,” Balok said. “What I do know is that our whole team has given this campaign our all, and we are prepared to be great leaders if we are elected.”

He said the main thing he will focus on if elected is making UNM a first-choice institution for students going to college.

“Our main goal is to make UNM a destination school that should be a first choice, not a third or even second choice for students,” Balok said. “We want UNM to be on the map. We want it to be a school that people have a lot of respect for.”

ASUNM President Pro-Tempore Williams and her running mate, Sen. Jenna Hagengruber, have focused their campaign on greater transparency and unity within ASUNM.

Williams said her love for UNM is the main reason students should vote for her.

“I am really, really, really in love with this University. It means so much to me,” Williams said. “I am compassionate, and I really care about people here.”

She said that students should cast their vote based on getting to know the candidate, and not the agenda.

“I don’t think students should vote for an agenda necessarily, I think students should vote for people more than anything,” Williams said. “Students should elect people they know are going to be hard working, people they can approach and people they can trust.”

Williams said she is confident she will be the next president of ASUNM and that her confidence has been key in her campaign.

“I am very optimistic. I never once like to think that I am going to lose,” Williams said. “Confidence is so important in conveying my message, and I really, truly believe that I would do a great job as ASUNM president, and our whole team would do a great job if they were elected.”

ASUNM election results will be announced tonight at the Student Union Building Atrium. For live results, follow @DailyLobo on Twitter.