President Frank:

First, I want to say how proud and encouraged I am by the students who have formed #OurUNM.

They are trailblazers who have chosen to look corporate greed in the eye and ask for an accounting. Right now, they are the only reason I am proud to be a Lobo.

But you, President Frank? Not so much.

When you came on board, many people had high hopes that you would clean house and restore UNM’s former good name. But you, sadly, have done nothing more to add value or pride than your predecessors did.

During my time at UNM, I did indeed learn a lot: I learned that education is not the key to success, but rather underhanded machinations, greed, self-service and a privileged entitled mindset are. Because that is the example you and your administration — along with the former Dean of Students, the current Anthropology Chair, the University Libraries, the Human Resources Department, and Student Advisement — have set.

You have isolated yourself in your fancy office and posh home, which you only have through student tuition and sacrifice, and are making decisions in a vacuum that benefit yourself and your chosen few.

Your actions have only deepened the chasm between yourself and the students you are supposed to be serving. But service is a concept beyond your ken.

As an alumna, I will never donate a single cent to any UNM entity until you and your ilk step down. I call on my fellow alumni to join me in placing strictures on the only thing you understand: your cash flow.

I stand with the students of #OurUNM in calling for your immediate and unconditional resignation.

You do not embody the spirit of the Lobo because a Lobo doesn’t cower behind doors and gates.


Melinda Bahe-Gallagher