by Zach Pavlik

The Daily Lobo has uncovered video of the protests at the City Council meeting Monday that ended with the arrests of 13 protesters.

David Correia, assistant professor in UNM’s American Studies Department, was one of the protesters arrested. He was charged with battery of a police officer during the protest, according to a statement from the Albuquerque Police Department.

In the video clip, it is unclear when or if Correia pushed the mayor’s security officer, but near the beginning of the clip Correia attempts to pass by a security officer and enters the lobby of Mayor Richard Berry’s office.

Correia is then taken away by security officials for almost eight minutes before returning later in the video clip.

While Correia was detained protesters chanted, slipped letters under the mayor’s door and told stories of their experiences with APD.

Watch the video here.

Zachary Pavlik is assistant news editor at the Daily Lobo. Contact him at or on Twitter @zachpavlik.