Dear editor,

I condemn all boxing — for adults or kids, for men or women.

The goal of boxing is to knock out the opponent. Repeated blows to the head can damage the brain permanently, even if the person is not knocked out.

If anyone could have told Muhammad Ali as a strong, confident young boxer that he would later suffer for many years because of blows to his head — able only to move and speak slowly — would he have believed it?

A dear friend here, now dead, was “punch drunk” from boxing. He told me he did not want his children to be boxers.

Years ago many women sadly followed men into smoking cigarettes to show their freedom. Today some women foolishly follow men into brutal boxing to show their freedom.

Parents and teachers who seduce kids into becoming boxers are committing child abuse. Many parents would much rather their 21-year-old son damage his own brain and other men’s brains as a boxer than for him to be in love with other men!

The only way young men can get cheers publicly for touching each other’s bodies is by bruising, bloodying and injuring each other — not strong hugs of affection or giving and receiving sexual pleasure!

I treasure health. I treasure body fitness. I exercise one and a half hours every day at home. I walk many miles every day.

I would be ashamed as hell to bruise, bloody and damage other men as a boxer.

Yes to exercise, physical fitness and affectionate hot sex. Absolutely no to boxing, mixed martial arts and all brutality.

Don Schrader

Daily Lobo reader