The murder of two homeless men by three teenagers in Albuquerque was evil. Was the police murder of James Boyd less evil? Is Obama’s murder by drones of many women and children abroad less evil? Is the U.S.-backed Israeli murder of over 400 Palestinian children in Gaza less evil?

If the three teenagers had not murdered the two homeless men, the teenagers could have been seduced into the U.S. military in a few years, trained and commanded to murder many people and then given medals.

A boy told me he would go kill in war because in war you can kill and not get in trouble for it. I know of no U.S. president who publicly repented for his murder of multitudes of moms, dads and children in U.S. wars.

I strongly compliment some veterans who woke up and now damn war as evil and work for peace. We can turn from evil and change.

I do not pledge allegiance to the U.S. flag or to any flag. I stay quietly seated. The whole world is my country. All people on Earth are my sisters and brothers.

Don Schrader
Daily Lobo reader