Aug. 18-19

UNMPD detained two people at the UNM bookstore on separate occasions after the bookstore employees caught them trying to leave with items they had not paid for. According to the police report on both occasions, the suspects activated the electronic inventory control system as they exited the store.

On Aug. 18, according to the eyewitness accounts reported by the police, a bookstore employee noticed a suspect tripping the alarm and asked him to walk through the sensors again without a backpack. The employee also noticed a square outline on the suspect’s shorts and asked the suspect to empty his pockets. When the suspect went through the sensors a second time the alarm was tripped again, indicating the suspect had something on his person. The suspect then produced a textbook and admitted to taking the book without paying.

On Aug. 19, a bookstore employee asked another suspect to step back inside the store after he set off the alarm. The employee asked him about the textbook he had in his possession. The suspect was unable to provide a receipt and attempted to leave the store saying, “I don’t want any trouble.” In both cases, UNMPD officers were on-site and issued non-traffic citations to both suspects, who were then escorted from the store and were later released. According to UNMPD, The citations are in lieu of an arrest and the suspects will have to appear before a judge at Albuquerque Metro Court.

Aug. 19

On separate occasions, marijuana was confiscated from two residents of the DeVargas dorms. According to the UNMPD reports, a police team was dispatched to the dorms after resident aides noted an odor of marijuana coming from a room. In one case, after an aide confronted the resident, he admitted to smoking and produced a jar of green leafy substance. The aide then confiscated the jar and turned it over to UNMPD. In another case, an aide made contact with the resident who denied smoking in the room. At that point the aide contacted UNMPD. After initial investigation police found marijuana in the room and confiscated it.

UNMPD informed both residents of UNM drug policy and tagged the marijuana into evidence for destruction. Police said no other law enforcement action will be taken in either case. UNM’s drug policy, which can be read online, strictly prohibits the illegal manufacture, possession or sale of controlled substances. Penalties can include significant fines, imprisonment or community service. Violation of laws by a foreign national may result in deportation.

In drug-related cases a court can permanently suspend eligibility for federal benefits, including financial aid.

~ Compiled by Erika Eddy