Battery at Casas Del Rio

On the afternoon of Feb. 5, three victims arrived at the UNMPD station to report that their roommate at Casas Del Rio had been battering them for a few months, according to a police report. Victim One (who had a small red mark on the left side of his neck) said early that morning, the suspect asked him to turn down his already low music and began to yell at him.

The victim said he asked the suspect to leave him alone when the suspect placed him in a headlock for around three minutes. Victim one said after the suspect released him from the hold, he stayed on the other roommates’ side of the suite until the following morning.

The other roommates said this was not the first occasion the suspect had been violent. Victim Two said in November of 2016, the suspect grabbed his neck to choke him, whereupon Victim Three said he tried to remove the suspect from their side of the suite.

Victim Three said the suspect yelled at him and attempted to punch him but missed. The victims each provided UNMPD with written statements and said they already spoke with their residential advisors. The victims said they would follow up with the residential advisors and the managers at a later time.

Student-on-Professor Harassment

On Feb. 6, an officer was sent to the Science and Technology Park after a professor reported a student was harassing him via text messages, according to a UNMPD report. When the officer arrived, the professor said the student was fired on Jan. 21 this semester for intimidating other students while in the lab.

The professor said 30 to 40 text messages were sent to him the same day he met with the officer (Feb. 6). The officer read the messages, and although the officer did not feel they were threatening, the messages were bothersome for the professor.

The officer called the student and spoke with him. The student sounded intoxicated. When the officer asked if he had been drinking alcohol, he said he had. The officer informed the student that he needed to stop sending text messages to the professor. The student agreed to this but said he wanted to inform the professor about the way he felt.

A few hours later, the officer was informed that the professor wanted to speak with him again. The officer called the professor, who said he was meeting other students at Bistronomy B2B, a burger place, when the individual who had been messaging him arrived. Management forced the student to leave. The professor told the officer that the student knew the group was having a meeting at that time, place and date.

The officer proceeded to call the student again, telling him he needed to stay away from the professor, whereupon the student said he was still intoxicated. The report will be sent to the Dean of Students.

A supplemental report said when the professor called the station again on Feb. 6, he said the student had sent more text messages stating the student wanted to hurt himself. One message said, “Your lab will pay for your (actions).”

The professor then called APD, as the incident had occurred off campus.

Battery near UNM Bookstore

On the afternoon of Feb. 7, a student visited the UNMPD station reporting that an unknown male grabbed her backside, according to a report.

She said she was sitting outside of La Montañita Co-op next to the UNM Bookstore when an individual she described as a “homeless guy” approached and sat down without saying anything. The student described him as a 5’ 9” Hispanic or Native American with tattoos on his hands (possibly reading “505”) and wearing a green/tan winter coat with a fur hood and a blue and yellow beanie.

She said she offered him food, which he accepted and ate, but they did not speak until she asked him his name. The student offered to buy him a meal, and as she stood up and began walking in front of him to do so, he grabbed her backside, according to the report.

She said she yelled at him, and he ran. Although she was upset, the student said she was not injured and did not require any medical attention. She gave a written statement to the officer she reported this to. The area was checked, but the unknown individual was not found.

The case is closed, pending further leads.

-Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez