Gabriel Fuentes is a local guitarist and songwriter who fuses acoustic guitar melodies in a unique instrumental genre known as “math-rock.” A genuine musician and inspiring person, Fuentes, performs in and around the Albuquerque area.

The Daily Lobo talked to Fuentes about his upcoming projects and musical background.

DL: What kind of music do you make?

GF: Myself and my bandmates write a kind of rock referred to as “math-rock,” although some bands prefer to be seen as anything but that. We prefer the latter since it’s all we do.

DL: How and why did you get into music?

GF: I got into music when my godfather taught me how to play classical piano. Ever since then I had an insatiable appetite for playing music. Composing for CRTTRZ (Fuentes’ other band) and myself has been an amazing journey of self realization, and I’m happy to continue playing and performing.

DL: What bands or artists inspire your style?

GF: Bands like “Piglet,” “The Coma Lillies,” “Kidcrash,” “CHON,” “Weatherbox,” “Icarus the Owl,” “Cap’n Jazz,” plenty of others I’m forgetting to mention. I just believe music emanates a lot of energy and love, and I just love being a part of the renaissance of music that is being created right now on Earth.

DL: How has your personal experience influenced your music?

GF: My personal experience has been some of the foundations of writing for the band. A lot of depression, anxiety and a few other mental issues that have clouded my mind have come out and into the forefront so I can deal with them.

Touring, playing a lot of shows, booking, etc. — it can wear and tear at one’s psyche and soul. I’m not one who has toured extensively nor can I say that I am the most experienced player, but I do know it took a lot of work and struggle to get to the point I’m at this very moment.

DL: How would you say your music has evolved over time?

GF: I feel change is a constant. Therefore, if the evolution of my songwriting or chord structures doesn’t change, then I’m in a rut. The change has taken place over many years of change. We have yet to release any new material, but we have been working endlessly on our full-length debut LP.

The title is “A Stern Warning for Events to Come.” Thanks to the wonderful Tony Rivali (bassist, CRTTRZ) there’s at least 14 tracks, it should be some fun math-rock/instrumental/post-rock.

DL: What projects do you have out or coming up?

GF: The aforementioned project of our full length has a lot of live looping and more free-form improvisational sketches. Many of the pieces that make up “A Stern Warning for Events to Come” are multiple movements and they are singular compositions broken into smaller sections, making up the first opus of an album that we can be happy to release.

DL: How did you record these projects and what went into making them?

GF: We go into the studio this spring and should be out by summertime. We will be recording this endeavor with our good friend Nick Quintero at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Should be a banger of a time.

Some of our past projects include our first EP “Spirits and Herbs,” our demo “Maps Between Spaces,” culminating with a three song EP called “Could Burning,” and our single, which made it on our split “Math and Atlases: Out West” with our buddies Space Blood and others.

DL:What’s your favorite part about music and the production process?

GF: My favorite part is putting the pieces together and making the full band sound with Logic or Ableton. Also, getting bounces and noting what you want to hear and what isn’t there. Critiquing myself and seeing if there is something better that I can do.

DL: Any advice for aspiring artists?

GF: Never stop dreaming, keep practicing, gig as hard as you can and don’t ever let someone tell you anything less.

DL: What’s your goal for music moving forward?

GF: My goal is to have my own label that I can be supportive of new artists who share a similar vision to help the world.

Fuentes’ solo music and his work with CRTTRZ can be found on Bandcamp.

Troy Amato is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at or on Twitter @Troy_Amato.