Battery on healthcare personnel at UNMH

On April 1, an officer was dispatched to UNM Hospital in reference to a “disturbance,” according to a police report. The officer was told a disorderly female refused to leave the property.

A female was with UNMH security outside of the emergency entrance when the UNMPD officer arrived. The female was yelling at security and using abusive language. Security said she was disruptive in the emergency room, refusing to cooperate with employees. During this time, she spat on one of the healthcare personnel. As a result, she was asked to leave.

The female told the UNMPD officer she was transported by ambulance to UNMH, because she was bleeding from her throat and ears. She said they refused to treat her, but she did not wish to leave until she was seen by doctors. The officer did not see any signs of bleeding or any blood.

The officer asked her if she would like to be taken to another hospital to be seen and treated, but she refused. She also refused to leave the premises and step out of a wheelchair belonging to UNMH ER. The female told the officer that once UNMH security left, she was planning on wheeling herself into oncoming traffic with the intent to commit suicide. She said she did not care if she died and did not want to live any longer.

Battery on Redondo South

On April 3, an officer was sent to the southwest corner of Johnson Field regarding a battery, according to a report. Upon arrival, a UNM student told the officer he was walking eastbound from Pearl Hall on the south side of Redondo South when an unknown male came up behind him, and he felt something wet on the right side of his face. The student said he turned to see a “dirty looking” male wearing a blue baseball hat backwards and grey sweatpants. The student said the male proceeded to say, “I spit on your head, and so what?”

The police officer noticed the right side of the student’s hair was still wet with saliva. The officer gave the student hand sanitizer from the police unit to cleanse his hands and face.

The student said he has never experienced anything like this. The male spat on the student without reason and continued to walk past when the student stopped, he said. The student said he called the police immediately and followed the male to Johnson Field but stopped on the southwest corner of the field, watching the male calmly walk through Johnson Field and north, past the tennis courts.

Although the offender was carrying a backpack, the student did not think he attended the University. The officer checked the area for the offender but did not locate him.

The case is closed pending further leads.

Battery at Lobo Village

On the morning of April 5, two female students were reported to have been in a physical fight at Lobo Village and would be writing statements later that day at UNMPD headquarters, according to a report.

One student met with an officer that afternoon, confirming she and her roommate were in a physical fight that morning. The student said she asked her roommate to move some of her possessions out of the common area. Because her roommate did not move the items, she decided to move them herself, she said, which caused her roommate to move some of the reporting students’ possessions to the kitchen. At this point, they began to argue.

Both roommates agreed this is what occurred, up until this point.

The reporting student said her roommate punched her in the face, pulled her hair and kicked her. This student said her roommate threw her to the floor and continued to kick her and slam her head into the floor.

The other student came into UNMPD later that day. She said the student who visited the station first was the one who attacked her by punching her in the face, pulling her hair and kicking her. She said they were then on the floor when the other student continued to punch her, pull her hair and kick her.

The officer noticed both students had multiple scratches and bruises all over their bodies but could not determine who the aggressor was. Both students refused to relocate. The resident director told the officer that both girls would be on probation, but Lobo Village cannot force either student to move out of her living space.

The report will be sent to the Dean of Students office.

-Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez