Battery on a healthcare personnel at UNMH

On the evening of July 30, an officer was dispatched to UNMH in reference to a battery on a health care worker, according to a police report. Upon arrival, a nurse told the officer a female patient became angry while she was being triaged by another employee. The nurse said the patient began to curse at and threaten staff members, saying the patient was going to leave. However, the patient needed to complete a medical evaluation, because she lives in a group home and had taken multiple aspirin pills. The nurse told the officer the patient was interfering with her own medical care.

At this point, the nurse said the patient punched her in the stomach once, but she was uninjured. The patient fell to the floor as she was being taken to a stretcher; she was then lifted to the stretcher, restrained and given medication to calm her.

The officer obtained other statements from witnesses, and the case will be turned over to the District Attorney's Office for review and possible prosecution.

Disorderly conduct and criminal trespass notice at Mesa Vista Hall

On the morning of July 31, two officers were sent to Onestop at Mesa Vista Hall, in reference to a male in the office causing a disturbance, according to a UNMPD report. When the officers arrived, they observed a male sitting on a bench outside of Onestop. One officer stayed with the male, while the other officer spoke to the reporting person, the operations manager at Onestop.

The manager said the male came into Onestop wanting to apply. However, he was loud and did not wait his turn in line. The manager said several of her employees tried to assist the male, but his demands increased. Staff members told her they thought he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, because “he was all over the place,” she said. The caller told the officer there were several families and students in the office at the time, but he continued to speak louder, demanding to be helped. At one point, he even drank from a staff member’s coffee cup that was sitting on a desk.

The officer who spoke to the manager then went outside to join the other officer and the male. The male appeared to be under the influence of drugs, as his pupils were the size of a pin point, according to the report, and he was nodding off. One of the officers issued the male a trespass notice. As the male walked away, he tore up the notice and placed it in his pocket.

A copy of the report will be sent to the Dean’s office for review and the possible ban of the individual from campus.

Battery on a healthcare worker at UNM Psychiatric Services

On Aug. 1, a UNMPD officer was sent to UNM Psychiatric Services in reference to a battery on a healthcare worker, according to a report. When the officer arrived, a registered nurse said a social worker was in a patient’s room when the patient began screaming and yelling. At that point, the nurse said she and another nurse entered the room. The nurse asked the patient if she could bring the patient some medication.

The patient said she wanted to leave, but the nurse told her she could make her feel more comfortable and not upset. The nurse said she turned around to get the medication, and the patient kicked her right buttock. This caused the nurse to cry and limp.

The patient was sedated before the officers arrived and could not be arrested immediately. The report will be submitted to the District Attorney for review and possible prosecution.

Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez