From Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, Taos Mesa Brewing played host to the first-ever Jumpsuit Family Gathering music festival. Every day from around noon to 2 a.m., music lovers were treated to music ranging from hip-hop to acoustic.

On the last day of the festival, acts such as Grandfather Gold, the Dogon Lights, Ayla Nereo and Isaac Chamber performed memorable, energetic sets. But before Isaac Chambers took to the stage there was a surprise performance from The Polish Ambassador, the festival’s lead artist.

As entertaining as the music was, the people in attendance were half the show. There were people dressed for a steampunk event, people dressed in tie-dye from head to toe and some who weren’t even dressed. Toward the end of the night, more and more people started performing using fire; it was so fascinating, it was hard to look away. The festival was a memorable experience of sights and sounds.

Text and images by Colton Newman