Amelia Fasting, a soon-to-be graduate with a dual bachelor’s in political science and international studies, has spent her last two years of college studying at the University of New Mexico.

Fasting spent her freshman and sophomore year at Louisiana Tech University, and later transferred to UNM to finish her last years of school. Coming from a military family, Fasting has lived in a variety of places, but said she decided that New Mexico was where she resonated most with as her home.

“UNM is such a unique place, it has such a different environment from my old college. It has a good energy and that’s really what I like about it here,” Fasting said.

After bouncing between a variety of majors and future careers, Fasting said she eventually landed on international studies and political science and has been studying hard in these fields ever since.

“It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, but UNM and being in school has really helped me figure out who I am and what I want to do,” Fasting said.

She said while figuring out what she wanted to study at school, she found herself thinking too far into the future.

“I realized I needed to be focusing on what I want to do in the here and now, and realizing that made a big difference,” Fasting said.

As a part of her international studies major, Fasting spent a summer attending Dongguk University, a private university in Seoul, South Korea. She said this was made possible by UNM’s resources and the wide variety of opportunities regarding international exchange and travel opportunities.

“UNM has so many resources and opportunities, I recommend that all students take advantage of them while they can. There are so many options for students, and so many things to do on campus as well,” Fasting said.

Fasting gives her friends and the many events on campus much of the credit for her positive college experience, and the support system she gained during school.

“The friendships I have made, and people that I have met, have made my years at UNM much more enjoyable. There’s so much to do on campus and so many ways to meet people.”

Fasting has spent her years at UNM working hard toward her academic standing, and has made many connections and friendships along the way.

“(Fasting) is an amazing person and student — she works so hard, gives everything her all, and truly goes above and beyond in everything, all while staying true to herself,” said Tanya Mejia, a third year UNM criminology student and close friend of Fasting.

After graduation, Fasting said she hopes to get a career doing research in East Asia.

Hazel Simmons is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @hazsimmons.