UNM football head coach Mike Locksley should immediately resign or be fired. Locksley is becoming more of a distraction for the football program than a benefit to it.
Personally, I am unsure of what Athletics Director Paul Krebs and UNM ever saw in Locksley from the beginning. He didn’t have head coaching experience on his resume. Locksley came from the University of Illinois as the
offensive coordinator. The Illini haven’t been a football powerhouse or even a perennial top-25 program.
Since coming to UNM, Locksley has been charged with sexual harassment and wrongful termination charges dating back to May. These charges, I might add, are still pending. In addition to that, he’s winless in four games, one of which is to UNM’s rival NMSU, which is on the brink of being downgraded to an NCAA I-AA school for lack of fan support. Over the past four games, which I have watched, I haven’t seen improvement in any area to give me a shadow of hope for the future.
Now a report is out that Locksley allegedly committed battery on his wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator, J.B. Gerald, on Sept. 20 during a coaches meeting. Battery charges against the head coach could deter potential recruits and their parents from considering UNM.
I’m wondering what tremulous event will occur next with coach Locksley. These actions are reprehensible, and I would urge Athletics Director Paul Krebs to seek disciplinary action against coach Locksley.

Ryan Brightbill
UNM alumnus