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Regents OK West Side health clinic

(09/13/09 11:39pm)

The UNM Finance and Facilities Committee approved a $5.5 million health clinic on Albuquerque’s West Side during their meeting Friday. The committee, chaired by Don Chalmers, also approved funding requests for several major additions to the UNM Hospital. The committee discussed the need for a new health care facility at Central Avenue and Unser Boulevard to accommodate the residents in the nearby neighborhood.

Economist: US could benefit from Islamist ways

(10/22/08 12:00am)

The U.S. may be able to solve its financial troubles by being more like Middle Eastern countries. At least that's what Loretta Napoleoni, author of Rogue Economics: Capitalism's New Reality, said during a presentation in the SUB on Wednesday. She said the banking systems in Islamist countries operate according to religious laws and are more successful for it.

International arena

(10/30/08 12:00am)

Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain are sharply divided on foreign policy questions, such as how to exit Iraq and how to deal with Iran. Obama voted for a bill that would put a timeline on the Iraq War. "What I've said is we should end this war responsibly," Obama said during the first presidential debate.

Lab lets students tinker with hydraulics

(11/13/08 12:00am)

Like a hands-on science museum, UNM's hydraulics laboratory lets students explore real-world applications of scientific principles. The laboratory, in the Centennial Engineering Center, features a 50-foot-long, customizable arroyo simulator, a water-turbine simulator and equipment to let students test aerodynamic drag on cars and the effects of water pressure on fire hoses.

Activists march from Civic Plaza to protest gay marriage bans

(11/17/08 12:00am)

A line of protesters stretching two blocks marched through Downtown Albuquerque on Saturday to oppose California's gay marriage ban. Dozens of people assembled in Civic Plaza before the march, brandishing signs with slogans such as, "You don't have to be gay to believe in equal rights," "Fight the H8," and "Better gay than grumpy.

Committee considers changes to smoking ban

(09/16/09 11:29pm)

Stephen Wills is not pleased with UNM’s anti-smoking policy, and he let the UNM Smoke-Free Environment Committee know it at their meeting on Wednesday. “My grades dropped because of this,” he told the committee at an emergency meeting. The meeting was organized to discuss the Northrop Hall smoking area, which faculty say is sending smoke into the building itself.

$14.5 mil flows to biological research

(09/20/09 11:33pm)

National researchers and UNM students are teaming up to conduct interdisciplinary experiments that could advance the field of biology and improve your life. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences, a branch of the National Institutes of Health, gave UNM, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories a $14.5 million grant for interdisciplinary research, said Bridget Wilson, co-director of the Center for Systems Biology. Wilson said that thanks to the grant, more than 50 biologists, mathematicians and engineers will participate in projects at the center focusing on a wide variety of projects, including creating microscopic robots, over the next five years. “If you break it down to its parts, it has scientific goals, recruiting goals, training goals and outreach goals,” she said.

Hokona Hall resident: Fire alarms took 20 minutes to sound

(10/05/09 1:10am)

When a dryer in the Hokona Hall laundry room caught fire last week, the smoke alarms either went off immediately or a half hour late, depending on whom you ask. “I could smell the smoke in my room about 20 minutes before the fire alarm went off, and I live on the third floor,” said student Axie Papp. Bobby Childers, Residence Life and Student Housing public affairs representative, said the alarms functioned exactly as they were supposed to. He said it wasn’t possible that it took the alarms a half hour to go off.

Students ask sustainability studies to create a major

(10/07/09 11:59pm)

UNM’s Sustainability Studies Program has seen an increase in student enrollment and demand for a sustainability studies major this year. Program Director Bruce Milne said last semester the program had approximately 55 students, and this year 87 students have enrolled. He said the increased enrollment will allow professors in sustainability studies to provide new classes.

UNM gets subpar 'green' grades

(10/13/09 11:40pm)

According to the Sustainable Endowments Institute, students need to do their part to make UNM “greener.” The institute released a Sustainability Report Card last week that gave UNM a “B” overall, but a “C” for student involvement. UNM’s overall grade did not change from last year’s report card, even though the University got lower grades in some categories.