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Cosmo Tapas brings the sabor to ABQ

(08/25/09 12:30am)

Tapas are rare in New Mexico, so if you’ve never tried them now is the perfect time to head to the newly opened Cosmo Tapas on Central Avenue. Good tapas always present a dilemma for me, because if they are good, I’ll probably want more than a tapas-sized portion, and that was exactly the case at Cosmo. The food fits right in with the atmosphere, with mood lighting and live music in the lounge every weekend.

Downtown tea bar attracts thirsty patrons of all ages

(09/02/09 11:09pm)

New Mexico Tea Company’s Tea Bar isn’t your grandmother’s tea house, but there’s no guarantee she won’t go after she hears about it. This summer, owner David Edwards expanded his company, which opened in 2006, into a cozy, full-fledged tea bar, open on the weekends, that serves tea and a light meal. “There’s a stereotype that just grandmothers drink tea,” Edwards said.

Artist's Avenue

(09/09/09 12:14am)

David Polka knows a career in art isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Polka comes from a family of artists and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art. He’s had shows for the pieces he creates on multiple mediums including wood and paper. Polka said New Mexican art has influenced him without his realizing it, and he will incorporate that style into his future work.

Artist's Avenue

(09/14/09 10:17pm)

Sol Aravena, 37-year-old Chilean and creator of Muza, just moved to Taos to work with Petroglyph Records. Aravena traveled to New Mexico without her original Chilean musicians, but she has teamed up with two musicians from Taos to soothe ears all over the Southwest.

The age debate

(08/29/08 12:00am)

University presidents from more than 100 colleges around the U.S. have petitioned to lower the drinking age to 18. But UNM President David Schmidly doesn't share their views. He said there should be a balance between socializing and academics, and lowering the drinking age would interfere with that balance.

Bernie Salazar, a competitor on NBC's "The Biggest Loser," is visiting UNM to give a motivational speech today in Sub Ballroom C.

(09/03/08 12:00am)

Bernie Salazar, a competitor on NBC's "The Biggest Loser," is visiting UNM to give a motivational speech today in Sub Ballroom C. Salazar began the competition weighing 283 pounds. At the end, he weighed 153. Salazar said he got his motivation from a desire to start feeling healthier.

Question & Answer

(09/08/08 12:00am)

The Daily Lobo sat down with Michael Rocca, assistant professor of political science, to discuss the pros and cons of negative ads in political campaigns. Daily Lobo: What is the principle behind negative ads, and do they work? Michael Rocca: Negative advertising works, and that's why candidates use it.

Daily Lobo Spotlight

(09/09/08 12:00am)

Daily Lobo: Do you have any favorite activities to do in Albuquerque? Allen Colmenares: Skating. I like to skate at UNM and at the skate parks around Albuquerque DL: How long have you been doing that? AC: I've been skating for seven years. DL: Do you have any skating aspirations? AC: No, not anymore.