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(03/04/10 12:40am)

Student Daniel Richmond pours red Jemez dirt on metal stencils at Smith Plaza on Wednesday, leaving the names of all species on the 2008 endangered species list. Richmond, a grad student, said he hadn’t realized so many species were threatened and wanted to increase awareness.

Gila River needs a butterfly effect

(11/25/14 1:00am)

Julia Butterfly Hill chronicles the two years she spent living 180 feet up in the branches of an ancient tree, on a tiny platform exposed to the wind, snow, sun and rain in her book “The Legacy of Luna.” She went 738 days without ever touching the ground. One night in particular, during a fierce winter storm, as her 6 square-foot plywood home rocked and jumped around crazily, she clung to the great redwood’s center and prayed she might survive the night. Foot-thick branches snapped off all around her head. Are you wondering why on earth she was even up there?

Letter: State commissioners lack 21st Century modesty

(10/01/15 12:01am)

Editor,Agenda Item No. 8 at the New Mexico State Game Commission public hearing held on Tuesday in Albuquerque was a request by the Pueblo of Santa Ana to transplant a number of pronghorn antelope on to their pueblo lands to aid in their recovery and for various tribal uses. Although I initially went to this state commission meeting in hopes of hearing the issue titled Agenda Item No. 7, I decided to stay and sat in the back of the hotel ballroom to witness a little of the New Mexico State Game Commission in action.