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‘Mummy’ returns to theaters

Fraser stars in worthy sequel to eye candy filled original

This summer’s movie bash begins with what is sure to be a box office smash, “The Mummy Returns.”

“The Mummy Returns” is a sequel to “The Mummy” and, like its predecessor, the movie is full of action and cinematography that is candy to the eyes.

We once again join Rick, played by Brandon Fraser, and wife Evelyn, played by Rachel Weisz, on a two-hour journey through Egypt’s mummified history. This time however, Rick and Evelyn are married with an adorable son named Alex, played by Freddie Boath.

While searching for ancient artifacts, Rick and Evelyn come across a precious golden bracelet that was once worn by the Scorpion King, played by World Wrestling Federations’s “The Rock.”

The audience becomes familiar with the Scorpion King in the introduction with the help of a narrator and leads up to the year 1933. That is when Rick and Evelyn come across this precious artifact. Upon returning to England with the artifact, Rick and Evelyn’s house is ransacked by an evil museum curator who is searching for the bracelet.

By obtaining the bracelet, the curator hopes to attain the God Anubus’s army and rule the world.

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Anubus’s army was given to the Scorpion King in exchange for his soul and whoever kills the Scorpion King retains control of the army. The curator hopes to do this by revitalizing Imhotep, played by Arnold Vosloo, thereby showing audiences that sequels cannot be revitalized without villains from the prequel.

However, it is Rick that must make sure that the world does not succumb to the evil army, with the help of young Alex, whose role in the film adds an incredible comical aspect from a child’s point of view, one which we all still have in our hearts.

Several critics have stated that this movie lacks originality, but I think this movie reminds of us the times in which we fantasized about unknown mysteries and gave in to our curiosities. The little boy in this movie does exactly this.

On top of all that, the plot is one non-stop flight, which does not beg to be realistic, but to offer an escape from your chair and travel to lands unknown all while being accompanied by an incredible musical score.

All in all, this entire movie is fun and worth seeing before it gets dark — that way you can do something after the show and the scorpions seem less scary.

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