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LETTER: Lauding terrorists hypocritical, cowardly


I have observed three reactions on campus since the bombings: irritation that classes were disrupted, anger at our government for daring to take action and fear that the draft might be re-instituted.

I thought we were supposed to be critical thinkers here.

I thought we were supposed to be knowledgeable about history and current events.

I thought we were supposed to be the "shining future" of America.

I didn't think we were supposed to be shallow and self-absorbed, too caught up in our own lives to be bothered by events around us.

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I, like so many of you, have been inundated with images of death and destruction.

I too have felt the grief and shock of being forced to helplessly watch unbearable events.

I too fervently wish for a world where peace is the way of life, rather than death brought about by war.

But I recognize reality.

The bombings were horrible and watching the events unfold shook me to my core and has made me look at the world differently.

But these events didn't break my heart the way it is breaking now. I have no words to describe the pain I feel at seeing and hearing other Americans condemn our government during this time of need.

I am not so naive that I don't understand the hand our country has played in helping to bring about the events of Sept. 11.

Yes, our country has made a lot of mistakes but does that make what happened right?

I understand why Osama bin Laden hates us and has asked his followers to kill any and all Americans - military or civilian - whenever possible.

I don't understand fellow Americans who condone his actions because "we deserved it."

I spent 10 years in the military. If and when my country calls me back I will go - willingly.

I will go not because I am a "warmonger" bent on exacting revenge.

I will go because I am an American.

I will go because I love my country, warts and all. I believe we have a way of life worth defending.

I believe that taking action now will prevent innocent deaths later.

I will die if necessary to ensure this.

I will go to my grave without understanding how so many fellow countrymen can demand the freedoms I am willing to die for - and disparage the government for daring to protect those freedoms.

Inaction against terrorism has not been successful - the violence and scale has steadily increased.

Now is the time to let the government and the military do what needs to be done.

Protest government policies and agendas later.

There will be plenty of time to point fingers and lay blame after this threat has been dealt with.

You will not be losing any freedoms or rights by supporting our government now.

There is a time and a place for protesting the actions of our government.

This is not the time. Protesting after our homeland has been attacked and congratulating the aggressors - all in the name of free speech is hypocritical and cowardly.

Melissa Schooley

Anderson Schools of Management graduate student

and Air Force veteran

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