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Tribute only interesting to Prince fans

If I Was Prince is a compilation album with various artists giving a unique rendition of a different Prince song.

And unfortunately, they are most likely songs that you have never heard unless you are in love with the little man.

The most interesting element of the album is the jacket cover, in which a paragraph was written by each musician beginning with the phrase "If I was prince."

They are all in love with Prince and most likely are the only ones who share that sentiment.

The 10 paragraphs are worthwhile to read but don't merit the $15 for the CD.

Most of what each artist says has nothing to do with the remix they did.

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It tells you some information about each artist, but not enough to understand the motivation behind the project.

Adding to the album's problems, the musicians contributing to it aren't well-known and should stay that way.

Most of the songs on the compilation were not hits at one time but rather songs that were rarely played or controversial.

Essentially, they are trying to make hits out of wasted, dead Prince songs.

The first track by 7 Hurtz With Peaches and Bitch Lap Lap is by far the most annoying song recorded for the album.

Their rendition of "Sexy Dancer" begins with one of the girls waking up from a dream. The rest of the song is the two "bitches" practicing dance moves, receiving telegrams, talking and going to a party.

The beats come from a synthesizer that sounds more like a whoopee cushion, while the drum machine is on repeat. Beginning the album with "Sexy Dancer" is a mistake because it doesn't hook you into the album and instead immediately makes you want to turn it off.

"Annie Christian," is the most controversial track of the album. Steve and Toby Jenkins, of Fort Lauderdale, sing over the masturbatory guitar with a sound that is distorted and ugly.

The controversy of the song originates with the lyrics pertaining to the death of John Lennon, trying to kill Ronald Reagan and gun control.

Further, the title, "Annie Christian," sounds like Anti-Christian when sung, which might piss some people off. The use of the guitar, however, is enough on its own to make you turn it off.

If I Was Prince is a terrible album filled with pretentious artists that have little to no talent. I wouldn't buy this CD unless you need a Frisbee.

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