Imagine a baby only several weeks old laying on the floor waiting for his mother to come take care of him. Imagine the terror in the baby's mind when a tall stranger carrying a large club approaches him. Then imagine the unmitigated terror the baby feels when he is being mercilessly clubbed on the head. If the baby is fortunate, he will have died quickly, but more often than not, the baby still has to bear the torture of feeling his skin being peeled from his body as he screams for mercy.

You will hear that scream multiplied more than 300,000 times coming from Canada, which just started its incredibly cruel annual seal hunt.

Who are these ghouls who take pleasure in clubbing and skinning baby seals on the ice floes in Canada? They are people who are too stupid to get real jobs so they have to rely on this nonsense to earn their beer money.

Why do they do this? Because there are narcissistic little twits in various parts of the world who think they look beautiful wearing the skin of a baby seal.

Why do they cut off the penises of the baby male seals? Some nitwit in Asia came to the conclusion that eating a baby seal's penis will help him get an erection.

So you have a delusional little slut in a seal skin coat trying to impress some nutcase who needs to eat a seal's penis in order to get his own to function. And because there are so many of these idiots around the world, hundreds of thousands of baby seals will be butchered - often alive - this year in Canada.

There are a lot of people on this planet who like to misuse and abuse animals. Cockfighters demonstrate their manhood by watching their chicken cut up Bubba's chicken with knives strapped to its feet. These folks are nothing more than satanic little trolls who haven't got the common sense God gave a gopher.

Then there are trappers who enjoy setting out leg hold traps on public land, catching and maiming anything that stumbles into their traps.

Of course, even worse than these creeps are the folks who run factory farms and abuse cattle, hogs and chickens for profit.

However, when it comes to pure unadulterated evil, nothing can compare to those boneheads who club and skin baby seals every year in Canada. What is even more reprehensible is that the Canadian government supports this abject cruelty. They claim killing seals is vital to their economy. Any country that depends on this butchery to fuel their economy needs new leadership.

I am not a particularly religious person, but I can't believe God put seals on this planet so some psychopath can get his thrills beating them to death. I am pretty sure that Jesus is not happy when he looks down at Canada right now.

Of course, we have other problems in the world such as wars, hunger and natural disasters, but most of those are well-known and well-discussed. What goes on in Canada is totally unjustified and doesn't get anywhere near the media coverage it should.

Some expert said a few weeks ago that he predicted bird flu would eventually destroy half the human population on Earth.

For the sake of the planet, I hope he is right.

Richard "Bugman" Fagerlund

UNM staff