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Anti-abortionist groups should show compassion


This week, as we walk through campus, we face graphic, imposing images of aborted fetuses, which are not only offensive and unsuitable, but indicate clearly the mentality of the hosting group “Justice for All.” These people do not seek public dialogue, but instead choose to force their viewpoint down the throats of others as violently and unilaterally as they can.
As an anti-abortionist activist myself, I thought I would have common ground with this group and tried, ineffectually, to communicate to them my grievances with their tactics. They did not attempt to listen. At every pause they launched into stale and already-stated diatribes without responding to my articulated concerns. Their Web site is no better: Their “What do you think?” page offers no means of lodging complaints or forwarding suggestions, but only permits the visitor to donate to their cause or re-read a page of propaganda.
My husband and I have been active in anti-abortion movements in New Mexico for at least two decades. The groups we have been affiliated with are peaceful, prayerful, positive and supportive. We believe that all life is wonderful and should be treated with dignity. I found no dignity afforded those poor aborted fetuses displayed on giant billboards, and I hope that the young people who pass by do not believe that all anti-abortion movements are so negative, so exploitive, so self-righteous, and so extreme as this one. I hope students will know that there is a possibility for real dialogue and non-condemnatory discussion on this issue, and that not everyone involved in the anti-abortion effort is as closed-minded and uncaring as those involved in the inaptly-named “Justice for All.”

Suzanne Roop
UNM student

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