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Anti-abortionists won't admit to other side of arguments


Regarding the recent outburst of idiocy from the fools at Justice for All: Implicit in their arguments about abortion are the following points, which they will, of course, never admit to:
1. Rapists who manage to impregnate their victims ought to be rewarded with reproductive success, and that the women whom they prey on ought to be forced to go through nine months of inconvenience and then 8-20 hours of excruciating pain.
2. The proper response to a government that has supposedly made mass murder of infants legal is a few protests, not armed insurrection.
3. Although abortion doctors are supposed to be people who make a living killing children, it would be immoral to direct violence against them to make them stop.
4. Photos of miscarried babies have something to do with abortion.
5. Abortion causes immense psychological harm to the mother, but posters that seem to have no purpose but to imply that women who have had abortions are murderers would not contribute to this problem.
6. The question about when a fetus is actually human (as opposed to a potential
human) is anything but settled.
7. A woman who was pregnant and had
a spontaneous abortion before she even knew she was pregnant was party to the death of her child and, depending on whether she inadvertently did something to cause the miscarriage, may even be a murderer.
The vacuous stupidity of these people, their inability or unwillingness to adequately reflect on what their position actually entails and the moral cowardice they show by refusing to take appropriate action on their harebrained beliefs is galling.

Lawrence Allen
UNM student

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