I would like to respond briefly to Muhajir Romero’s letter. First of all, it’s not racist for the state of Arizona to make their local immigration laws stricter. According to a recent Cafferty File report from the CNN website, nearly 20 percent of Mexican people entering the U.S. illegally through Arizona have a criminal record. All of the border states have the legal right to hunt down these criminals and bring them to justice under the fullest extent of the law.
He said that Islam is the one religion that erases from society the race problem. Really?
Not too long ago, two female radical Muslims killed more than 38 people in Moscow. It seems to me that Islam is the only religion in the world that promotes itself through violence. There are so many news reports like this one of radical Muslims killing innocent people. If the vast majority of Muslims claim to be peace-loving people then why is there no outcry from them to condemn these senseless acts of terrorism? Why do they allow these tragedies to happen in the first place?

Andres Saenz
UNM alumnus