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Game results precursor of things to come

As a member of the UNM community, I have tried to stay optimistic about the upcoming 2010 UNM football season.

After picking up NCAA Football 2011 at midnight at my local Walmart, consider my enthusiasm curbed.

All things considered, in the end, the final score was Oregon 72, UNM 3.

Video game or not, it’s a horrifying theme for students, alumni and local fans who support Lobo Athletics.

It doesn’t help that, before deciding to switch and play with Rutgers University, my father’s alma mater, I ignored the fact that UNM might be the worst team in the game. However, I stayed loyal to my future alma mater by creating my own Lobo dynasty. I chose “Heisman” mode, the most difficult play setting, and began the 2010 season at Oregon.

In doing so, I forgot that EA rates each college football team, assigning a letter grade to the offense and defense, as well as an overall team rating.

Here’s the breakdown: Offensively, we didn’t pass football 101 last semester. The grade was a D , while the defense managed a C. And how about overall? Another D .

But it’s not all cloudy around the Lobos’ virtual world.

Since the NCAA doesn’t have a players union, real player names can’t be used in the game, except UNM middle linebacker Carmen Messina, who looks like and wears the same equipment as the real Messina, has a rating of 90. He is probably the reason why UNM’s defense didn’t sink to a D .

When choosing to play with UNM in “Dynasty” mode, the athletics director gives you three preseason goals:
1. Beat rival NMSU.
2. Receive a bowl bid.
3. Beat Oregon.
I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news or Mr. Negativity, but even on a video game these goals are nearly impossible tasks.
That in mind, things were starting to look up.
My opening drive was successful. I sustained a long, well-coached drive and executed on almost every running and passing play I called.
Unfortunately, I was stopped inside the Oregon 30-yard line. Thus, I kicked a field goal.
“Wow,” is the first thing that crossed my mind, followed by, “I might have a legitimate chance at staying in this game and not being blown out of the Pacific waters.”
The 115th ranked team in the country was up 3-0 on the No. 4 school. My positivity lasted about two minutes.
From the point when the Ducks’ offense touched the ball for their first drive, the tropical storm formed.
By the end of the first quarter, I was down 21 points, and by halftime I was down 41-3.
Frustrated and slightly irritated, I gave up and allowed an in-game feature, “Super Sim,” to simulate the rest of the game for me, so I wouldn’t have to suffer another three-and-out.
The simulation didn’t get any better than Lindsey Lohan’s last appearance in front of a Los Angeles judge.
I don’t intend to take this too serious, but I’m embarrassed to see how awful UNM’s football team rates out in EA’s latest game installment. I’m not sure if I am supposed to blame EA or just give into the truth and realities of the 2009 season and what potentially lies ahead for a program, that is in, well, shambles.

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