Ali Abunimah recently spoke at UNM to promote the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) of Israel. He also calls for a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rather than the popular two-state solution. His vision is one of hate and destruction, rather than bringing Israelis and Palestinians together.

First of all, blaming Israel entirely for the conflict is extremely myopic. Prior to 1948, when Israel declared its independence, the UN called for two separate states — one Jewish and one Palestinian. Israel agreed to the UN plan, but the Arabs responded with violence and an attack on the Jewish state. In 2000, Israel offered Arafat a two-state solution with Palestinians retaining virtually all of their land including East Jerusalem. Arafat gave a resounding “no” to this generous offer and instead called for violence and a Palestinian state to occupy all of Israel. This is the “one-state solution” that Abunimah is calling for. To this day, both Hamas and Hezbollah have pledged to continue terrorizing and murdering Jews until Israel is under complete Palestinian control.

So what would a one-state solution look like? With Hamas and Hezbolllah running freely in Israel, what do you think they would do to the Jews?
Have them over for tea?

In contrast to Abunimah and the BDS movement, the pro-Israel movement is for peace for all peoples. We are pro-Israel and also pro-Palestinian. We believe that both Jews and Palestinians are entitled to the land and should live in peace. We do not teach our children to hate Palestinians. We do not send rockets to Gaza to kill children. We believe in equal rights for all persons. We want to see Palestinian children looking forward to a brighter future. We desperately believe in a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Abunimah and BDS are against this.

Todd Goldblum
UNM professor