Albuquerque has an undiscovered world of food challenges.
And at places that you’d least expect. Thankfully, the Daily Lobo explored Burque’s decadent world of eating challenges.

Chillz Frozen Custard
The Chillz Challenge whips up enough ice cream for 15 people. It has eight regular-sized scoops of frozen custard with eight toppings and eight mini waffles. If you eat it under 30 minutes, it’s free. Out of 250 people that tried, only nine have successfully completed it.
Cost if you fail: $25

Cecilia’s Cafe
The 10-pound Fireman’s Burrito has two pounds of potatoes, a half pound each of beans, bacon, sausage, chicharrones and carne adovada with three tortillas smothered in a pound of red and green chile. Originally, contestants had an hour and a half to complete the challenge. Only one contestant has eaten the burrito, and he ate it in 36 minutes. Fifty contestants tried the contest since its creation in 2010. The person who beats the champ’s time will win a $100 Cecilia’s food-challenge jacket.
Cost if you fail: $9.95

Grandma’s K&I Diner
The Silver Travis is a 10-pound, “very, very, big-ass burrito that has a lot of fries on top, and if you eat it in an hour, it’s free.” The costumer who first ordered the burrito had it named after him. In the 50 years K&I has been open, only a few have finished the burrito.
Cost if you fail: $15

Sadie’s of New Mexico
The Sopapilla Challenge is a seven-pound dinner. It’s filled with chicken or beef, smothered in red or green chile, topped with salsa and tostados and a small sopapilla for dessert. Contestants have an hour to finish the giant. Fifty people tried it since it’s inception in 2009, and only four contestants won.
Cost if you fail: $50

Turquoise Trail Bar & Grille
Just outside of Santa Fe, Buffalo Resort Casino has a gigantic burger challenge. The Blast Resort Burger is a 96-ounce — that’s six pounds — burger on a bun with french fries. Most of the time, “three big guys or a family will split one burger.” If you eat it in 30 minutes, it’s eat free. Only one person has ever finished the burger.
Cost if you fail: $28