Thanksgiving is around the corner, although it’s hard to be thankful for anything with looming last-minute exams and assignments. If you can squeeze in a few moments of free time, here are some free events to check out. If you know of a free event, send the information to

Turkey Dinner

Gobble up a free turkey dinner Wednesday with a valid military I.D. Yanni’s Mediterranean Grill and Opa Bar offers this special to sate your turkey cravings. Who knows what the rest of the dinner entails? Hopefully not mystery gravy.

Cheese Quesadilla

Denny’s is all about cheese for the holidays. When you send one of their “cheesy” e-cards, Denny’s gives both you and the recipient a free quesadilla. Cards include statements like “You’re Grate!” and “You have the strength to make anything cheesier.” Oh boy — hit up this freebie if you’re not already puking from the horribly sentimental puns.

An Afternoon With Jesse Hummingbird

Sick of seeing Santa the day after Thanksgiving? The Kimo Theatre presents an event highlighting the “Native American Night Before Christmas,” a children’s book that tells the “Night Before Christmas” with a few twists. Instead of Santa, Old Red Shirt arrives on Christmas Eve with his team of white buffalo, delivering fry bread. Although it’s still Christmas-themed, at least this event makes an effort to stand out from the regular holiday drone


Craigslist should be on the top of everyone’s list. In a free section that goes on for days, I bet you can find at least half of your shopping list. These gifts might need a little extra love, or maybe even a repair or two, but either way, it’s better than paying for a brand new gift.

Maybe you know someone who was recently diagnosed with diabetes but hasn’t had the time, money or motivation to buy a device with which to measure their glucose. Or maybe you just want to see how those holiday sweets affect your body — either way, you are in luck. This ad has two machines to give away; FreeStyle Flash and an Accu-chek system. They both need new batteries and the test strips are not included. The poster said they are in northeast Albuquerque.

Gather your reindeer, you’ll have to go to Edgewood for this one. This ad says the owner needs to get rid of shelving, TVs, phones and computers. Between all of that, you have just found gifts for your unorganized friend who is always mooching your boob tube, losing cellphones and “borrowing” your computer. The catch is that your destination, the Old Movie Gallery at Route 66, was supposed to be demolished Monday, so act fast in case these 21st century treasures are the first to go.

Illuminate the smiles of friends and family with a gift of free Ikea lamps. There is no description of the lamps, but Ikea does a good job of making their products look modern and sleek. The ad says the lamps are valued at $35 each. You don’t have to feel like a tightwad this season if you give someone a gift worth this much, even if it didn’t cost more than gas for the trip.

Mix up some holiday cheer with a free blender. Now why would anyone in their right mind get rid of a perfectly good blender? Well, it doesn’t have a lid, but as the poster mentioned it is still usable. According to the ad, your makeshift options include a plate or some foil, or simply use your imagination. The sky (or the ceiling) is the limit.

You can find all of these items at Be sure to keep checking it over the next few weeks for more freebies. Santa would be proud.