Hello readers,

It’s good to be talking like this, the several thousands of you out there and me.

You know it’s oft been said by relationship counselors that communication is the key to a good relationship, and I would like to congratulate the readers for being great communicators and making the relationship between us so strong. If I were capable of crying, I would definitely do so in this scenario.

First, I’d like to commend Javier E. Manriquez who wrote the letter, “Lobo belittles instead of supporting readership,” published Wednesday.

Though I don’t agree entirely with his letter, I am glad that he took the time to write a letter in support of his beliefs. I believe it’s noble to put oneself in front of an audience of 25,000 readers to support one’s group of friends, especially considering the general disdain toward Greek life on this campus.

Note, I don’t base this on my personal beliefs, but on the comments on pro-Greek letters sent to the Daily Lobo, such as the online comment: “The reason people dislike Greeks at UNM is because there are the Lisa McBrides who act as if the student body and the university owe them something,” in response to the letter “List of Greeks’ positives could fill the Parthenon,” a pro-Greek letter by Lisa McBride published last summer.

Or this online comment which shows even more disdain:

“Fraternities and sororities had their start as organizations built by students from affluent families to declare the affluency (sic) of themselves and proclaim themselves as a greater sect of student based solely upon their parent’s bank accounts and stock holdings,” on the letter published in spring of 2010 “Eccentric fans hurl obscenities at UNM’s Greek recognizees.”

Again, I don’t agree with the views presented, but I am sharing them to paint a picture of the climate of Greek life at UNM. I should also note that these letters were also littered with support for Greek life, but most of the positive online comments came from Greeks themselves.

The whole point of this is that Manriquez put himself out in a possibly hostile climate, and I respect that.

Moreover, I would like to thank Monica Kowal, who sent us a letter critiquing one of the new columns in the Lobo.

It’s only through this direct feedback can we know what you want, readers. Personally, I love to see letters come in — good or bad. When I get them I am reassured people care about the paper as much as we do here at the Lobo and they don’t just do the Sudoku or the crossword puzzles in the back.

(Note: If you only do the Sudoku or the crossword at the back that’s fine, too. I do them sometimes myself.)

So to keep it simple, keep those letters coming, and we’ll keep doing our best to improve in the weeks to come.

In this spirit of activism, I would encourage everyone who is able to go to UNM Day. Not only would you get the chance to travel to the Roundhouse for free, (it’s normally a $7 trip there and back) but you get a free lunch from the University, and let’s be honest, when is the next time UNM is just going to give you something for free?

And while that amount of activity could tire anyone out, don’t forget that the Student Fee Review Board is still in deliberations as to what to do with your student fee money.

Though this year lacks the drama of last year’s to-be-filmed-or-not-to-be-filmed debacle, (if you missed that, look in the Daily Lobo’s archived articles from January and February of last year) as students we need to keep in mind that our money is in the hands of our fellow students, elected to represent us.

So be sure to write a letter to Jaymie Roybal (if you’re an undergraduate student) or Katie Richardson (if you’re a graduate student), and let them know where you want your money to go.

From my experience, both are better compared to our national representatives at listening to their constituents, but they only stay that way if you keep in touch with them.

Speaking of which, ASUNM published an ad in the Daily Lobo this week telling students who their representatives are and how to get in touch with them. The only problem with this ad is that it appears to be from 2010. I would like to assure readers that this list of senators, is, in fact, current and that everything else in the ad is probably true.

Again, Lobos, thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend.

Chris Quintana