When it came to counting beans, nobody at UNM could compare with Cliff Roudabush. Accounting can be a thankless staff job where many become rather somber and cynical, but not Cliff.

He was, by far, one of the friendliest and hardworking staff members that I have ever met. I never heard him gossip, and he would bend over backwards to help anyone in a bind. Nobody understood the “Red Book” (UNM’s policies and procedures) like Cliff. He was ethical, diligent and friendly. But most of all he was humble. He deserved much more recognition than he ever received because he didn’t campaign for it: Cliff was beyond politics.

Cliff Roudabush peacefully passed away at his desk in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering on Monday, doing one of the things he loved: helping people through the financial labyrinth. And perhaps that’s the best reward any of us can ask from UNM: The respect of our colleagues and the satisfaction of doing a good job.

Chuck Reuben
UNM staff