Alyssa Quiroz
sophomore, undecided

Even though Alyssa Quiroz’s style changes day to day, it’s important for her to always be classy and trendy, like the characters on the show “Pretty Little Liars.” Her favorite is Aria Montgomery’s character, whose style, like Quiroz’s, mixes feminine and edgy pieces. She likes many trends she sees in stores, and uses those observations to decide which to follow.

“It depends on the day, and the things I see in stores.”

Favorite fashion trend: short tops or crop tops. “I like them because it shows skin, but not too much skin. It’s still classy.”

Least favorite trend: Ugg boots. “They remind me of slippers, and I would never wear slippers out.”

Advice to fashion-defunct friend: Quiroz declined to give advice to others.

Bag: $35
Target, $15
Shorts:, $8
Charlotte Russe,
$5 for 2 pairs
Nadara, $30

Nathan Ortiz
senior, criminology

He can’t put a label on his personal style, but thinks that’s OK because style is individual, anyway. Nathan is inspired by what he sees music artists wearing and how they put things together.

“You couldn’t put a name on it. It’s me, my own style.”

Favorite fashion trend: Skinny jeans or fitted jeans. “They’re adult and professional looking, but still urban.”

Least favorite fashion trend: “Big, baggy jeans that sag down and big, oversize shirts. They remind (me) of middle school and what was popular then.”

Advice to fashion-defunct friend: “Wear some clothes that fit.”

RJ Dawg, Walmart, $10
Polo Ralph Lauren outlet store in Texas, $50
Rue 21, $5 or $6
Pac Sun, $40
Vans, gift