Brianna “Bree” Cantu, freshman, dance

“I prefer thrift stores and character. It’s whatever I feel like, I don’t really follow the dress code.”

Even in private school, Cantu didn’t wear what was expected. She calls her style “the unknown” and believes style is about personality. Cantu also believes in a bargain philosophy when shopping. “You can still be fashionable without going with a name brand,” Cantu said.

Favorite trend: “I like the greaser look on guys, the Eurotrash mohawk where it’s shaved but not done. For girls, I don’t see one sense of fashion here at UNM.”

Least favorite trend: “Wearing just leggings isn’t something that should be okay for some girls. Sometimes, on some girls, it’s just gross.”

Advice to a fashion defunct friend: “First I’d ask if you really want my honest opinion, then I’d tell them to go to Thrift Town or Ross. I only shop clearance racks. Make sure you try it on first, because it could look really good on a hanger and not the person. Go with the bargains.”

Top — Rue 21, $2
Undershirt — Joppa, $4
Bracelet — Homemade
Skirt — Ross, $4
Leggings — Ross, $4
Shoes — Rue 21, $8

Andy Nguyen, freshman, biology

“I’m usually a little more dressed up, but I had a late class so I went for comfortable clothes. I try to look casual but put-together at the same time. I don’t want to overdo the way I dress.”

In sum, Nguyen said his style is “simply sophisticated.”

Favorite trend: “The hipster movement has been getting a lot of attention and it looks interesting on certain types of people. They’re really pushing the envelope on what’s acceptable looking.”

Least favorite trend: “Goth-looking people. They’re kind of sad-looking.”

Advice to a fashion defunct friend: “We can go to the mall and see what would look good. I’d tell them they have to bring their own money and buy me lunch.”

Glasses — Vans, $10
Sweater — PacSun, $10
Undershirt — Hollister, $15
Sweat pants — Nike, $30
Shoes — Vans, $45