Ezrah Reed is a UNM sophomore studying physics and astronomy.

Originally, Reed planned to play college football, but found bodybuilding to be a more reasonable pursuit. He first competed in the St. Louis Midwest Classic in 2010, taking first in his weight class and second overall. When asked if he’d go to the professional level, Reed said it takes a lot of dedication, but he is willing to try it out if the opportunity presents itself. He has been lifting regularly for 8 years and has been lifting at a higher level for 3 years.

“The hardest thing is finding time to work bodybuilding into your life. I have to plan meals, workouts and a class schedule and that makes it a full-time job. Because the show happens to fall on the weekend after finals, I have to handle finals week and peak week at the same time and it’s the most difficult part of the process.”
On May 12th, Reed will compete in the Fitness New Mexico competition at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel.