In 1987, the College of Fine Arts celebrated its 50th anniversary with a flamenco performance organized by part-time dance instructor Eva Encinias-Sandoval.

Encinias-Sandoval invited several dancers and musicians from around the country to participate in two flamenco performances and three workshops in Albuquerque. After a successful turnout, Encinias-Sandoval was asked to host the flamenco festival annually at UNM.
In 1992, Encinias-Sandoval invited three flamenco artists from Spain to perform at the flamenco festival at UNM, which turned the festival into an international event.

This week, the Festival Flamenco Internacional de Albuquerque will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The weeklong event will run from June 10 to June 16 and will include seven performances with four Spanish dance companies and more than 20 workshops throughout the week. More than 300 people registered for the workshops.

“Albuquerque is the center of flamenco in the United States and this festival made it happen,” said Encinias-Sandoval.

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