$170 book stolen from Bookstore
An unknown offender stole a textbook from the UNM Bookstore on Jan. 18. According to the UNMPD report, the man set off the security alarm, but was able to flee from the scene with the $170 textbook. Police were able to obtain photos of the man and the book, and those have been posted throughout the UNM police station. A video had not been obtained at the time of the report, and no further details were provided.

UNMPD: car door handle pried open
On Jan. 23, an unknown suspect damaged a car parked in the parking structure located at 2300 Camino de Salud N.E. According to the UNMPD report, the driver’s side door handle had been pried open, although the suspect did not appear to have been able to enter the car. There were no suspects or witnesses at the time of the report.

Parking pass reported stolen from towed car
UNMPD reported a burglary on Jan. 23. According to the report, a car was parked at Lobo Village on Jan. 21, and when the owner returned the next morning, it had been towed. When it was returned to the owner, the owner discovered her parking sticker was missing. The permit was reportedly worth $150. Police did not take latent prints because the owner was delayed in filing the report. There were no further details at the time of the report.

Cops: lunch box stolen from vehicle
An unknown suspect broke into a vehicle while it was parked at the Lobo Tennis Club on Jan. 25. According to the UNMPD report, the suspect broke the passenger’s side window and stole a lunch container, which reportedly cost $40. The total cost of the damage was valued at $600, according to the report. Police did not find any evidence to collect, and there were no further leads at the time of the report.

Report: tailgate stolen from parked truck
On Jan. 25, an unknown suspect stole the tailgate of a truck parked at UNM Family Health Clinic. According to the report, the security camera did not capture the theft of the tailgate, which was reportedly valued at $499. The case is considered to be closed pending further leads.