Seattle-based company Tomato Assault made a stop in Albuquerque on Saturday and hosted a food fight involving about 40,000 tomatoes and 200 people. The event, which one of the organizers described as “meaningless fun for a meaningful cause,” donated $5 to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for every $60 ticket sold.

The company also held a costume contest before the fight. Keith Polin, an instructor pilot at Del Sol Aviation, won, dressed as a Roman soldier by the name of Gluteus to the Maximus.

When the food fight began at around 4 p.m. at the parking lot south of The Pit near the softball field, a heavy barrage of tomatoes flew in every direction — not even security and media personnel were safe from the onslaught of flying salsa.

After about an hour of the food fight, most of the participants had walked out and washed themselves off, leaving only a handful of people to throw tomatoes at each other from opposite ends of the fenced area.