I am writing as a concerned citizen who pays taxes that are used to help fund grants and scholarships to the University. The Resolution 6S (which urges UNM to take a stance against Islamophobia) recently passed by the student government has me very concerned. Any resolution that seeks to silence political opposition is, fundamentally, an affront to the freedom of speech and expression that has formed a cornerstone of our nation since its inception. It is especially troubling to see a resolution that singles out “Islam as a political force” for protection.

All it takes is a brief look at social freedoms and liberties in nations such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc., to see why this is so antithetical to the American idea of personal freedom and liberty. How can you advise students of any and all faiths that they should stop opposing a political ideology that calls for homosexuals to be imprisoned and executed? How can you call for students to cease opposition to the horrible treatment of women that results from Islam as a political system? The imposition of any religious ideology and theology in the realm of politics — whether it be Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or Islam — should be fundamentally resisted by all American citizens. We have a separation of church and state here, and it should remain that way. We should especially resist a political philosophy and ideology that seeks to subject women, homosexuals, transsexuals and those who do not believe to oppressive and abusive policies and punishments. I am appalled, saddened and, quite frankly, incensed that this kind of blatant frontal assault on one of our fundamental and essential liberties would be not only tolerated, but celebrated at any American university.


David McAliley

Daily Lobo reader