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ASUNM Fall Election Voter's Guide

ASUNM Election Season is in full swing, with Early Voting having occurred on Thursday and Election Day coming up on Wednesday.

28 candidates are vying for ten seats, with those elected to serve a full-term, or two semesters, beginning in the spring. Here is a rundown of each candidate for those who plan to make it to the polls.

Note: Numbers correspond to the candidate’s ballot number. Information taken from Facebook for candidates who the Daily Lobo were unable to reach at press time. All photos courtesy of the ASUNM Elections Commission Facebook page.

1. Ted Olguin

Senior, political science and economics

Slate: Wolfpack

2. Jorge Guerrero

Junior, elementary education

Slate: Wolfpack

3. Nathan Siegel, sophomore, political science

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Post-UNM aspirations: None at this time.

Slate: Wolfpack

“ASUNM is about students, first and foremost. It isn't about pandering and bureaucracies that are plaguing our political field today. I will represent anyone who will actively try and speak to me. My policies also include spreading awareness about what UNM has to offer, as well as provide support for those who have been domestically abused. UNM has done horribly wrong over these past few years with domestic abuse around campus.”

4. Bianca Cowboy

Junior, criminology and Native American studies

Slate: Wolfpack

5. Amanda Winther

Sophomore, nutrition and Spanish


6. Tomy Douangkeo, sophomore, secondary education

Post-UNM aspirations: Attending law school, becoming an attorney.


“My primary focus as a senator would be to expand and strengthen engagement between students and ASUNM. From what I've seen, ASUNM (is) somewhat removed from what's going with everyday students and the organizations they're a part of. I want to write legislation that creates a ‘President's Committee’ headed by the president of ASUNM, which comprises of presidents/leaders/representatives of each student organization along with representation from faculty and administration and many other organizations with a vested interest in the undergraduate student body.”

7. Eric Musick, sophomore, biology

Post-UNM aspirations: Physician’s assistant

Slate: Wolfpack

“If elected I plan on lobbying for 24/5 library hours in order to give students more opportunity to study and get better grades.”

8. Andrew Pierce

Freshman, biology


9. Adan Serna, freshman, political science and international studies

Post-UNM aspirations: Attending law school and working within the realm of government and/or civil rights.

Slate: Wolfpack

“As Senator, one of my main focuses will be on continuing the discussion of sexual assault of on our campus. It’s important we not only raise awareness to the resources available to victims, but that we work towards providing safeguards (additional security, green dot certification, etc) to hopefully prevent it from happening.”

10. Kennedy Montoya, sophomore, political science

Post-UNM aspirations: Staying in New Mexico and working for a local government entity to make a difference in my home community.


“My primary focus as a senator would be to create an environment where students could get engaged in campus life.”

11. Rocky Cordova

Freshman, economics and political science


12. Vivianne Gonzelez, junior, psychology and biology

Post-UNM aspirations: Attend medical school, be involved in mental health policy and advocacy in New Mexico.

Slate: Wolfpack

“I want to make UNM a safe campus for students; make transportation easier like placing bike sharing on campus, have students decide what days we should extend Zimmerman library hours and place charging stations for students who are on the go.”

13. Sally Midani

Sophomore, international studies

Slate: Let’s Be Real

14. Tamás Gyalay, senior, nuclear engineering

Post-UNM aspirations: Be very financially successful.

Slate: RUN for ASUNM

“I will increase transparency in ASUNM by replacing all the walls in the office with glass.”

15. Tyler Wafer, senior, nursing

Post-UNM aspirations: Serving as a United States Naval Nurse or in the Peace Corps.

Slate: Let’s Be Real

“Our biggest (action items) are the $10 show and Safe Space. The $10 show will add to the Homecoming calendar a concert exclusive for UNM students. The Safe Space initiative drives to concentrate night classes at Dane Smith Hall; shuttles will pick up students at Dane Smith Hall (and) professors of night classes will teach students about situational awareness, along with blue polls and lighting in South Lot.”

16. Noah Brooks, sophomore, economics

Post-UNM aspirations: Starting an international non-profit focuses on helping those caughtin war-stricken areas of the world.

Slate: Let’s Be Real

“If elected, my primary focus as a Senator is to listen to the students, and make my agenda their agenda. Some of (the) action items that I will accomplish…as painting the trash cans, light posts, and bike racks cherry and silver in order to show our school spirit in a small way. Along with this, I want to increase the commuter community by adding electronic signage on the bus with information about what is happening on campus, so commuters know what is happening on campus.”

18. Tyler Narvaez

Sophomore, political science


19. Jordan Allen, junior, business administration

Post-UNM aspirations: Law school, starting a family

Slate: Wolfpack

“If elected, I would like to focus on the things that senators can do; inform the students and work with the organizations at UNM to improve their overall school experience."

20. Ryan Boyle, senior, secondary education

Post-UNM aspirations: Becoming a teacher and a public servant.

Slate: Viva ASUNM

“For the past few years, I have been advocating for more college affordability, improved safety and addressing infrastructural needs. I want to ensure students aren’t burdened by high tuition, student fees and permits. Students deserve to be on a safer learning environment and the ability to defend themselves. We also need to boost the Wi-Fi and add lighting in dark areas.”

21. Jacqueline Eckman

Junior, psychology and statistics


22. Phillip Cox, junior, communications

Post-UNM aspirations: State or Federal Law Enforcement Officer


“My Primary focus as a Senator would be on the advocacy of students who feel as though ASUNM Senate has lost its way with representing all diversities and student groups. I'll bear down on this issue my first term with all the resources I have to change the conversation about student representation here with the ASUNM Senate and UNM as a whole.”

23. Ryan Ansloan, junior, economics and political science

Post-UNM aspirations: Law school

Slate: Viva ASUNM

“My main focus, broadly, is to help improve the daily lives of the students. In talking to students around the campus the issues of most importance are the affordability of college, the safety of the campus and the infrastructure that makes up the campus so many of us call home. Emphasizing those topics and taking aim at improving them will be my primary focus as Senator.”

24. Hallie Brown

Sophomore, international studies

Slate: Create

25. Arely Guerrero

Sophomore, criminology and psychology

Slate: Wolfpack

26. Sarah Moore, junior, political science and English

Post-UNM aspirations: Pursuing a Master’s in Social Work, working with international non-profits that seek to improve quality of life, particularly in Latin America.


“Should I be elected as a senator, my primary focus would be outreach. This entails working with the resource centers already in existence to find out how we can best create awareness about those centers designed for the betterment of Lobos. I also want to encourage current student leadership… to continually find ways to educate themselves about the programs that our resource centers or student organizations offer, so that we as student leaders may also inform the students that we serve about specific campaigns for social justice.”

27. Hannah Williams

Freshman, biology and chemistry

Slate: Wolfpack

28. Jason Tarin, sophomore, business

Post-UNM aspirations: Working for the FBI.


“If elected, I plan on engaging the undergraduate student body. I will do this by making them aware of the various events held on campus and all the different resources UNM has to offer. All UNM students have the right to the best college experience and I want to create this for them.”

29. Bisaan Hanouneh, junior, international studies and communication

Post-UNM aspirations: Working in human relations


“Not as many people know about ASUNM as we would like, so my ultimate goal is to promote awareness of our student body government and the resources it offers to students.

David Lynch is the news editor at the Daily Lobo. Contact him at or on Twitter @RealDavidLynch.


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