ASUNM recently voted down a resolution to allow stun guns on campus, when do you think protecting yourself on campus goes too far?

Malik Valentine, sophomore, electrical engineering

“I think having a gun would be too much, whether it be a real gun or even a stun gun. I think once you start getting into that territory, that’s when it’s too much.”

Rebekah Gros, senior, business administration

“I don’t know when it goes too far, but, for me as a woman, especially as I have classes late at night, I would want to use appropriate measures to protect myself. Whether that be a stun gun, I wouldn’t necessarily use that, but just something that would make me feel safe by myself on campus at night.”

Karina Ortega, sophomore, biology

“I guess it's too far when we have (weapons) on campus, we have the accessibility to campus police and we have all these new apps, the Guardian apps, and I feel like when we start having guns on campus that is too far.”

Tristin Glunt, sophomore, computer science

“Probably don’t need a gun, like an actual gun is probably too far. That’s why we have the police. A stun gun I guess is okay, mace maybe, that’s alright. But anything past that, that could actually like, put someone’s life in danger, like actual death, that’s probably too far.”

 Matthew Reisen is the news editor for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at or on Twitter @dailylobo.