Such is the nature of historical power and its retention in New Mexico, student Nick Estes and his fellow protesters at the Red Nation are going to find it an uphill climb to get rid of the intimidating conquistador on the official UNM seal – clearly a painful reminder. So it is helpful to remember that the official seal of our county once had on it not only a cross and sheep (re biblical prayer), but the Spanish motto annotating the above: “Con Esta Vencemos” (“With This We Conquer”).

When protests built up, a court initially used the tired “only historical significance” argument to keep this painful reminder of Christians imposing Christianity on Native Americans going all the way back to the cruelty of Christopher Columbus in this land.

But thankfully under pressure from the ACLU, the religious stuff was finally removed from a higher court decision, and the ancient Native American sun symbol was put in.

Arun Ahuja

UNM student