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Monday on the Street: Student Employee Raises

Do you think it’s fair that student employees cannot receive raises and what negative effect could that policy have?

Ethan Wroten, senior, Africana studies

 “I think they should receive raises just like any other job. I don’t think it’s fair. I think it could not allow students the ability to better themselves or focus on their studies cause they have to find another job. Eventually you want an increase when you’re working at a job. Like I work at Lowe’s, like I want to eventually move up or get a better position there and so with that I think everyone deserves an opportunity to go to the next level.”

Andres Duran, junior, civil engineering

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“I think it is unfair cause as the normal staff everyone deserves a raise in the wage, and UNM is pretty low in the wages. UNM will have less student employment. Like I think UNM can take advantage of the students to have different employees but if they don’t raise it, people won’t be interested in having those jobs at UNM.”

Jennifer Zafra, senior, international studies 

“I think it’s very unfair, because for example we have been working at the Global Education Office for almost three years now and we are still getting, we’ve gotten like a twenty cent raise, and it really wasn’t a raise because they lifted the minimum wage up a little bit too. So I think that that’s basically, that gives us no incentive to stay in any department because why would we stay there if we never get a raise, and that doesn’t give us incentive to work better because we get more job duties but we don’t get a raise for it. So basically, it just, it makes you not even want to really work. And it doesn’t teach us to be actual workers in society because we don’t know how to negotiate for raises because they don’t give us the opportunity to have a raise.”


Scott Bajere, graduate student, physical education

“It depends on how long you work there I guess. Most student employees only work for a semester at a time, so I don’t really think you deserve a raise for one semester, but if you’ve been there for your entire college career maybe, if you’ve worked there from freshman all the way up to graduate school then yeah, maybe it would be unfair.”

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