What did you think about the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention?

Sara Stelzer, senior, communications and journalism

"The DNC had a lot of stars there, and it was focused more on who was there and who was supporting. It was really commercialized and they had song and dance but there really wasn't any substance. I thought the RNC was kind of a joke. I didn't take Donald Trump or what he said with any substance. It was all for show and about him and his name."

Joaquin Acosta, junior, pharmacy

"Bill Clinton really likes balloons. Donald Trump really tried to unite people. Hilary Clinton's daughter had a good speech. Michelle and Barack Obama had pretty good speeches and that was about it."

Ryan Hansen, junior, biology

"I'd say the DNC was more exciting than it needed to be with the Bernie Sanders hoopla, but I'm glad that the party finally has a candidate that they can get behind."