Intoxicated student at Redondo Village

On Sunday, Aug. 27, an officer was dispatched to the west side of Redondo Village in reference to an intoxicated male that dorm security located while on patrol, according to a UNMPD report.

When the officer arrived, the male was face-down in the grass, breathing but unconscious. The person who reported the incident said the male said he had “very little to drink” before he passed out.

The officer found a wallet in the male’s back pocket and was able to identify the male using a New Mexico driver’s license. He is a student living in the Redondo Village dorms.

The officer waited with the male for the Albuquerque Fire Department to come to the scene — the male did not wake up at this time.

When AFD arrived, the male came to and appeared to be understanding the situation. He said he just needed help getting to his dorm.

The officer informed AFD that if there was no concern for alcohol poisoning, the student could be taken to his room. After being asked further questions, the male passed out again, face down and throwing up. AFD personnel determined he needed to be transported to the hospital for his own safety.

An Albuquerque ambulance transported the student to Presbyterian Hospital. He admitted to AFD that he consumed too much liquor while out with friends. None of his friends were located on scene with him. The case is closed.

Disorderly conduct at Scholes Hall

On the morning of Friday, Aug. 25, a UNMPD officer was sent to Scholes Hall in reference to a male banging on the president’s office door, according to a report. The male was yelling, stating he knew people were inside and demanded to see the president. He accused the president of being lazy, because school was beginning, and he was not in his office.

The male was not at the office when the officer arrived. The officer searched the building and parking lot and did not locate the male.

Ten minutes later, UNMPD dispatch received a call, involving the same male at the Centennial Engineering building. This time, he was yelling outside of the dean of students office, demanding to see the dean.

When another officer arrived, the male was laying on the ground. He seemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The male was identified — a records check revealed he is a UNM graduate student.

When the first officer asked the male why he was causing a disturbance on campus, he said he wanted to speak with someone about his issues. His speech was slurred and, at times, nonsensical. He was dirty and possibly living on the streets.

He was issued a criminal trespass not to return after his violent behavior at both offices.

Criminal trespass

On Thursday, Aug. 24, a patrolling officer was notified that a banned male was visiting UNM classrooms and offices and bothering staff, according to a report. Another officer saw the subject near Popejoy Hall and Johnson Gym.

UNM officers had been notified that the UNM dean of students banned the male until 2018 for disruptive conduct. The male is not a registered student, and he was issued a banning letter in the past.

Later that day, the male was seen outside the Humanities building. When the first officer approached the area, the man vanished into a heavily populated area. The officer continued to look for him, saw him outside of Zimmerman Library, called his name and made eye contact with him. The male ran into Hokona Hall. The officer previously called for backup; thus, UNM officers inside Hokona Hall were already alerted about the situation and stopped the male.

The first officer arrested the male for criminal trespass. The male said he ran from the officer because he knew he was banned from campus.

Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez