Battery on a healthcare worker at Mental Health Center

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, an officer was sent to the UNMH Mental Health Center in reference to a battery, according to a report.

When the officer arrived, a doctor said a juvenile patient was brought into the facility for treatment. The doctor said she was speaking with another individual in one of the triage rooms when the juvenile stood up, became upset and started to punch the doctor in the face.

The doctor said the patient hit her ten times in the face with both hands, causing an injury to her right eye — a one-inch swollen red square, directly under the right corner of the doctor’s eye.

The officer Mirandized the juvenile, who stated she understood but followed with, “she made me mad.” The juvenile said before being transported to the UNMH Mental Health Center, she ran away from Desert Hills Treatment Facility. She said she became upset and frustrated, because the doctor was snobby.

The juvenile said, “I hit her, but it didn’t hurt her.” The juvenile was asked to repeat the incident’s facts, and she admitted to hitting the doctor after becoming upset. She said she hit her, so she wouldn’t have to go back to Desert Hills.


On Wednesday, Sept. 6, a victim visited the UNMPD station to report she was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, according to a police report. She said she received what she felt were angry and accusatory emails and Facebook messages in late July. The victim said she and the suspect were in an emotionally abusive relationship for roughly four months. She said has attempted to block her ex-boyfriend on all social media. In his last email, he said he wanted her to set up a meeting place within 24 hours, and if she did not, he would choose the place.

The victim supplied copies of text messages, Facebook messages and emails from the suspect. The victim was given an information packet on domestic violence.

An officer contacted the victim on Sept. 7 over the phone, and she said she has spoken to the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Battery at UNM Psychiatric Center

On the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 8, an officer was sent to the UNM Psychiatric Center in reference to a battery, according to a police report.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the victim, a female resident, who said she was on the phone when another female resident pushed her into a glass window. The two were separated within the unit after the incident.

The aggressor told the officer she did not do anything, as she has never seen the other female.

The officer told facility staff members that the residents needed to be separated to avoid an ongoing occurrence.

Wrong way on a one-way, suspended license, towed vehicle on Sigma Chi NE

On Monday, Sept. 4, an officer was travelling north on Yale Blvd. at Las Lomas Road and noticed a blue, two-door vehicle coming toward the officer, according to a police report. The blue vehicle made an abrupt turn, heading west on Sigma Chi Road from Yale Blvd., driving the wrong way on Sigma Chi Road, a one-way street.

The officer drove behind the vehicle and turned on the overhead lights. The blue vehicle came to a stop a short time later at Sigma Chi Road and University Blvd. Both the driver’s and passenger’s side doors immediately opened. A male exited the driver’s side, and a female exited the passenger side.

The officer ordered the individuals back into the car, but the male did not comply and said, “No, I’m good.” He walked towards the passenger side of the officer’s car, without stopping when the officer gave him commands.

The male began to run, but the officer took hold of him and placed him on the ground, where he was handcuffed. The officer checked MVD records and discovered that the male had a suspended driver’s license. When asked why he tried to flee on foot, the male said he ran because he had a suspended license and had consumed alcohol earlier.

The male was released from the scene. An officer drove the female to her home at the Pi Beta Phi house.

Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez