President Trump, along with top Democratic Party leaders, announced that they are working towards an agreement for securing the future of hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients. The announcement came following a meeting with the lawmakers on Wednesday.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi met with Trump this week to discuss the future of DACA over dinner. Afterwards, a joint press statement from Schumer and Pelosi said that they had reached an agreement.

“We had a very productive meeting at the White House with the president. The discussion focused on DACA. We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides,” the press release said.

The president has taken a different approach to the legislative issue following the public outcry from his first announcement, which first questioned the future of DACA recipients and their status here in the United States.

However, it appears that nothing is set in stone yet, as the president was quick to rebuke any assumptions that a deal has been made.

“No deal was made last night on DACA,” he said. “Massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent. Would be subject to vote.”

After his dinner with Schumer and Pelosi, he appeared to be developing a new stance on the topic.

“Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!” he said on Twitter, “They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own — brought in by parents at young age. Plus BIG border security.”

Although the agreement is still not set, the president has shown his willingness to work on the issue and consider the thousands of DACA recipients.

Text by Christian Marquez. Video by Makayla Grijalva.

Christian Marquez is the multimedia editor for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter 

Makayla Grijalva is a multimedia reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter