Criminal trespass at Casas Del Rio

On Saturday, Sept. 30, a UNMPD officer was sent to Pecos, one of the Casas Del Rio buildings, in reference to a male that entered the dorm without authorization, according to a police report. An RA found the unauthorized male sleeping on a couch in the common area and woke him up. The RA verified the male was not a resident and asked him to leave, which he did.

A few minutes later, the RA was in the laundry room when a student walked into an entrance. The unauthorized person was standing next to the building, waiting for someone to open the door and caught the door before it closed and entered the building. All of the entrances to the building are locked at all times, and all residents have access to entering with key fobs.

When the unauthorized person entered, the RA asked him to leave again. Instead, he ran upstairs. The RA called police, because he was trying to hide.

As the officer arrived, the unauthorized person left through the south doors and was apprehended on Johnson Field. He was detained for criminal trespass.

The male was highly intoxicated and had taken a bus from El Paso, Texas. He dropped out of UNM and was no longer allowed to be in the dormitory.

Robbery on Lomas Blvd. NE.

On the early morning of Wednesday, Oct. 4, officers were dispatched to 420 Redondo E. Dr., due to a battery on a male subject, according to a report. Dispatch informed the officer the incident occurred two hours before UNMPD was called.

When officers arrived, one of them spoke with a male who said he was travelling from Ruidoso, New Mexico to Page, Arizona and had spent the past three days in Albuquerque. On the night of the incident, he was trying to sleep in the park adjacent to the Walgreens at 3501 Lomas Blvd. NE. when he was approached by two males wearing masks and grey sweatshirts. One of the males was armed with a wooden stick.

The male who reported the incident said they took his blue Dickies jacket and dragged him across the ground, causing injury to his head and left shoulder. One of the officers saw lacerations on the male’s head as he continued to hold his arm. The reporting male said he was not hit by the armed subject and could not give officers further information or description of the incident.

One of the officers searched the Walgreens and the park to see if he could find the jacket or any signs the incident had happened. The results were negative.

The male who reported the incident was transported by rescue services to Presbyterian Hospital for his injuries.

Disorderly conduct at Law School Library

On the morning of Monday, Oct. 2, an officer was dispatched to the UNM Law School Library in reference to an intoxicated male, according to a UNMPD report. The male was sitting at one of the computers and had urinated in his pants and onto the chair.

Although the male was cooperative with the officer, the officer believed he was extremely intoxicated. After running the male’s name through the National Crime Information Center, the officer found the male had an outstanding warrant for DWI. The male was handcuffed without force.

While transporting the male to the police station for processing, dispatch advised the officer the warrant was not valid. The officer stopped at Vassar and Marble and released him from police custody. The officer offered to give him a ride home, but he refused — the male was not injured and made no complaint of injuries.

He was cooperative when the officer asked him to remain off the UNM campus until he was sober. Police dispatch verified that they contacted the Bernalillo Warrants Section to ensure they would remove the NCIC listing.

Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez