Disorderly Conduct/Criminal Trespass Notice

On Nov. 3, UNM officers were dispatched to the Robert Hartung Building in reference to a male subject, according to a report. When officers arrived, they found the male with most of his face covered with a gray blanket.

The man was yelling, flailing his arms aggressively, not making sense to the officers and wanting to speak with a professor. When the man found that the professor was not there, he began complaining to other employees, scaring them.

Employees reportedly locked themselves in their offices and called the police. By the time officers arrived, the man left the scene and was already walking on Central.

Almost 30 minutes later, officers received a panic alarm at Hi-Performance Computer Center, or CARC. An employee described a male who matched the description of the man at the Robert Hartung building.

The man allegedly entered the business screaming and flailing his arms aggressively. One employee reported that, by this time, three male employees asked the man to leave.

The male did not have any form of ID and walked away from officers, refusing to stop. This led officers to issue him a criminal trespass notice.

Auto Burglary

On Nov. 3, officers arrived at the corner of Buena Vista Dr. NE and Mesa Vista Dr. NE, responding to a call concerning criminal damage, according to a UNMPD report.

Upon arrival, one officer met with a woman who said she parked her vehicle earlier in the day. When she returned to her vehicle later that day, she discovered a rock on her passenger seat and the passenger side window broken.

The only item taken from the vehicle was a phone charger. Officers performed a canvas search, but no unusual activity was reported. Officers assured the woman that extra patrol would be conducted throughout the week in regards to the criminal activity.

Criminal Trespass

On Nov. 2, an officer was dispatched because a male previously banned from the hospital was on the property, according to a police report.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke with hospital security, who said the male was told he could not come back to the property earlier that day. After the subject was identified through dispatch, officers discovered he had been banned as of Oct. 25.

The man was placed under arrest, taken to the Prisoner Transport Center and then taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center without incident. There, he was booked for criminal trespassing.


On Nov. 3, an officer met with a female student at the UNM Police Department, according to a report. The student advised the officer that she was attending an event in the courtyard on campus, near the Anthropology Building.

She said she set her jacket down beside her during the event, but later noticed that the jacket, which contained her car key, was missing. She and her friends looked around the area for her jacket, but they were unable to find it.

She also said that similar instances occurred in the past few weeks, where items went missing or fliers pertaining to the event had been tampered with.

The officer advised the student that people could have been singling out the events, due to lack of security and easy targets. He also told the student to make sure no one leaves their items unattended during the events. There were no suspects at the time of the incident.

Compiled by Kelly Urvanejo